5 Ways to Counter Holiday Stress!

The holidays are meant to be a time to connect with family, friends and our partners… So why do they usually turn out to be the most stressful times of year?  We know that stress reeks havoc on our immune system, and our overall well-being. How can we slow down and take the time to truly enjoy this season?

Wake up each morning and take note of 3 things that you are grateful for in your life right now.

Breathe Deeply
While you wait for your morning coffee or tea to be ready, take 30 deep breaths. Have kids? Get them to join you in this exercise. They can pretend to be blowing up a ballon or blowing out birthday candles.

Weekly intentions
Create weekly intentions to keep you on your path. For example, “I am present in all my interactions”, “I am approaching this day with love and compassion”.

Take breaks
Make sure to take some time during your busy day to reconnect with your breath and your body. Feeling stressed? Take a walk outdoors, or if you have space in your office, take a few minutes to stretch out.

Unwind at the end of your day with calming yoga poses such as:

  • legs up the wall:


  • child’s pose:

childs pose

Martina Sedivec, Yoga instructor at Studio Vie