April Essential Oils Promos

With any order of 125pv and more get a FREE Easy Air Touch Roller Bottle and all month of April get 10% off on the Onguard Hand Soap that comes with two extra hand foaming soap dispensers!

Easy Air Touch is a great roller bottle to have on hand for any congestion and since its already diluted you can roll it on you and your little one’s chest and sinuses to help open up the airways!

Onguard Hand Soap is great for killing germs + bacteria and smells great!  It’s especially fun because you use it in the hand foaming dispensers….makes washing you and your families hand more exciting 😉

And last but not least: Make an order for 200pv or more and get a 5ml bottle of Deep Blue and a Deep Blue Rub (this deal is extended until April 15th).

I have to say Deep Blue is great for athletes, active people and for those who have joint pain or tight muscles…My kids love it for their growing pains and sore muscles after soccer or any other activity they might be doing!!

Try this diffuser blend to try (and if you don’t have all the oils experiment with what you have!)  Even simply using the Bergamot and/or White Fir is uplifting and amazing…

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