Boost your Metabolism

Happy New Year!! It’s the best time of the year to boost your metabolism and get back on track to eating well and exercise after the holiday season! Who’s in for a little challenge? You can start at any point this month but I will be starting the challenge officially on Jan 15th!
If you are already part of my Doterra Community, then you have access to the files in our private Facebook group to the posts and Ebook to this challenge….A few oils and supplements are suggested but message me directly and I can help you decide what is best for you and your goals since it’s about starting simple and building on that. You might already have a couple of the oils too!! I will be giving some nutrition and exercise advise as we go along on top of the ebook and other info in the posts.
If you are interested in joining, you would need to become a member and join the Studio Vie team for 42$. That would give you access to the ebook and all the other info/posts for this challenge and of course the support and education that comes with it all! Message me if you are interested 🙂
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