Country BLISS retreat was an amazing experience!

Jana from Studio Vie and Angi from Yoga Bloom came together to host a retreat in Tremblant (Studio Yoga Bloom).

We all experienced an amazing weekend filled with yoga massage, the yoga wall with straps, snowshoeing in the nature, healthy lunch, teas, snacks, relaxation and finishing off the day with the spa scandinave!

Thanks to all the participants who made this day so enjoyable!

How the day went:

  • Tea to warm us up before the yoga class
  • Angi started off with a yoga class focusing on releasing tension in upper back, neck, hips and knees using the straps of the yoga wall and foam rollers
  • Snack time: Gluten-free granola with fresh homemade almond milk
  • Snowshoeing with Jana in the woods which was so quiet and peaceful and finished off on the lake!
  • Lunch: delicious healthy salads, soups and vegetarian dishes served with tea and a decadent dessert from Rustique!
  • Restorative yoga and foam roller massage class to finish off the day with Angi.  Used bumpy rollers, massage balls and the warm Acuball.
  • Energy balls and tea before heading out to the spa!
  • Ended with the baths at the spa scandinave

What a day!  Angi and I were very pleased with how our 1st joint retreat went!  Stay tuned for the next retreat to come in the spring!

Thanks to Paul Eifert who was able to enjoy the experience and take some pictures for us at the same time!