Germ fighting & Immune Boosting Oils

With all the craziness going on these days, here are just a few of my go-to’s for boosting your immunity and killing germs with essential oils….mainly Onguard recipes to keep it simple and straight to the point.

Diffuse:  This will kill the germs on surfaces, purify the air and boost the families immunity.

  • 4-6 drops of Onguard in your diffuser (you can add wild orange or any citrus which is always nice).  
  • Dilute if you have a baby or kid (1 drop per age: baby/1 year old: 1 drop etc).

Roller Bottle: This will boost your immunity…applied to the bottoms of your feet and spine (for adults you can pretty much roll it anywhere…even on your neck if you feel a sore throat coming on)

  • Roll morning and night for prevention during the flu season and when you are sick you can apply every 1-2 hours until you start feeling better!
  • Dilute for babies and kids (as I mentioned above)

Internally: This is for older kids or adults…

  • When you feel a scratchy throat or like you are coming down with something put 1-2 drops of the on guard oil into a little shot glass or small glass or water…fill only a small amount of water and 1st you would gargle it in the back or your throat and then swallow it down…at 1st my kids were only able to gargle and spit it out and now it’s much better!
  • You can also use it like the roller when you feel like you are getting sick or coming down with something take 1-2 drops in water every 1-2 hours to help kick whatever you are fighting!!

Hand Foaming Soap: I love making my own hand sanitizing soap with the Onguard and Wild Orange essential oil.  Here is the link to my recipe: 

Hand Foaming Soap Recipe

All-purpose cleaner: 

  • I love to make my own all-purpose cleaner with 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 10 of tea tree essential oil and for an extra germ fighting boost add 3-5 drops of Onguard essential oil too!  Then fill the rest up with water OR you can add 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar and then fill the rest up with water.

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