NEW!! Juice bar at the studio!

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Enzymes is Montreal based business who is constantly researching new ideas
to offer raw and organic products such as cold pressed juices, snacks and juices

Enzymes specializes in juices that are cold pressed with more than 1000 lbs. of
pressure. This way, we are able to retain all the enzymes, vitamins, proteins
and minerals as opposed to transforming the ingredients with a blender or
even a traditional juice extractor.The first step is to gently shred to pulp all
the fruits and vegetables without exposing them to heat. This pulp is then
crushed with 1000 lbs. of pressure in order to extract its juice. Moreover, our
juices don’t undergo any pasteurization, which enables our body to fully enjoy
the nutrients of each ingredient. As for the chips, we use a dehydrator.
Dehydration at 42C° makes it possible to preserve minerals, enzymes, proteins,
phyto-nutrients and certain vitamins. This process is done without cooking
or frying the ingredients but by simply gently air drying them.

How to get our products?

Enzymes juices, kale and zucchini chips are now available at Studio Vie.
Visit our website to look at our selection and order our
products up to 48 hours prior to your class. Contact Jana or us by email at