New Location Update

It’s been a few weeks since my new home studio is up and running and it’s going great!  If you havn’t gotten a chance to come check it out hope you make it back to class or a workshop soon…

It is a nice change, to have easy access (easy parking, stroller parking) and a quiet and calm street!

Some things you should know:

–Parking on my street is easy, no permit parking signs or anything so you can park right in front on either side just making sure of course of the times they are cleaning the street.  There is lots of parking on Terrebonne if ever something comes up.

–The entrance to the studio is located on the side of my house (you will see the path that we have worked hard to prepare for easy access to everyone, especially strollers!).

–Please make sure to wear street shoes that you will take off once you walk into the entrance.  Bring your clean indoor shoes to put on once you come down to the studio.  Any jackets, boots etc you leave at the entrance and the rest you bring down into the studio.  You can leave your indoor shoes at my place if you wish to make it easier! 

For Moms & Babies:
– For those walking with strollers, I will have stroller parking for you: located just inside the gate to my backyard on the right…you can’t miss it…it will also have a little roof in case it rains/snows.

For those who bike here:

-You can leave your bike just inside the gate to my backyard on the left side!

Reserve your spot online:

Since space is limited at my new location, make sure to book your spot online.  If you are not sure how to do this or if you are new to Studio Vie, email me and I will get you set up!

Can’t wait for you all to come and see the new space!  Let me know if you have any questions.