Ralia Retreat A Success!

Studio Vie & Pearle Sports Nutrition’s Fitness Retreat – A Great Getaway!

If I must say, our retreat was a great getaway and we maximized the weekend with everything from nutrition talks, gourmet plant based food, outdoor runs, hiking, foam roller and massage ball myofascial release session, core session, spa time with body scrubs, massages and much more! 

Below are the details and schedule from our weekend retreat that we will look to offer in the spring/summer:


The Ralia retreat is a home away from home that is designed to provide many opportunities for deep relaxation as well as exercise. The chalet is surrounded by a small mountain (Montagne Noire) and a quiet lake (Lac Boeuf). In the summer plan to swim, kayak, paddleboard, hike, bike, run, eat from the garden, and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather. In the winter plan to snowshoe, downhill ski or cross-country ski, try a Scandinavian spa experience, do hot yoga, and cozy up to the rustic fireplace. This is a luxury retreat so expect delicious hot drinks, a bathrobe, slippers, soaps, body scrubs, and moisturizers are all provided. There is even an option to purchase a bamboo toothbrush so all you would need to bring are your clothes!

Pearle will be providing a meal planning session and a food preparation session to match your active lifestyle. Jana will be organizing several fitness activities including a hike to a mountain viewpoint, a run, a circuit training, and a relaxing foam roller session to work out the kinks.

In between activities there will be plenty of time to relax. Use of the whirl pool hot tub, dry sauna, and dips in the lake (even in November!) are part of the Scandinavian spa experience planned. Cozy seats around the fireplace and a heated yoga room will make reading and meditating possible at any moment. You can book a healing massage session during the weekend (TBD).

When you go to a retreat at Ralia Retreats you will be offered food endorsed by Pearle Sports Nutrition. The meals and snacks are designed to match your energy needs during your retreat. All food offered is meat-free, dairy-free, animal product-free, and gluten-free. These restrictions are to support those who cannot (and those who choose not to) eat these foods AND to show everyone how to include more plants in a mixed diet.

Rachel who is the chef and owner of Racines Traiteur santé, is a chef who inspires health and will be making the delicious healthy gourmet food for our retreat.  (www.racinestraiteursante.com)


Saturday, November 25th:

9am: Arrival and Smoothie

930am-1030am: Nutrition Theme- Meal Planning with Pearle

10:45-11:45am Hike

12pm: Lunch

**2-6pm: FREE time and workshops (all optional)**

Activities and Workshops:

*Private 30 min nutrition session with Pearle with each participant (sign up during the free time period this afternoon)

2-4pm: Spa, DIY facials and body scrub with essential oils, relaxing time

4-4:45pm: Run

4:45-5:15pm: Foam roller and stretches for mobility and myofascial release

6pm: Dinner

7-9pm: Spa time: Enjoy the hot tub, dry sauna and jump into the cold lake! Make a Shea butter calming lotion with essential oils, bonfire and relaxing time.

Sunday, Nov 26th:

7:30-8:30am: Breakfast

9-10am:  Nutrition workshop

10-11am: Trail run or walk followed by a core session with Jana

12pm: Lunch

2pm: Free time and Departure

**please note that all classes/workshops and activities are optional. You can take advantage and do them all or choose the ones you want.

Contact Jana for more info: jana@lestudiovie.com

Visit Pearle’s website: https://www.pearlesportsnutrition.com/ralia-retreats