New! Stretch in Motion


New class offered this winter with Samantha Haas!

Stretch in Motion is a functional, full body program, which integrates active stretching with eccentric strengthening in order to develop a more balanced, fluid and pain free body. Slow, dynamic, multi-directional movement sequences target postural alignment, self awareness, joint release, core strength, stability, and a lasting sense of inner calm. The slow continuous flow of the class allows participants to experience movement from the inside out and to explore their potential through sensory feedback and imagery techniques. This class is recommended to all aiming to improve their overall mobility, posture and wellness and ideal for those looking to balance their exercise regimen with mind-body practices. Suitable for all ages, fitness levels, and anyone in a state of injury recovery or management.

Spring session coming soon!

Price: 126$ for 7 week session (20$ drop in fee)

To register :contact Samantha at

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Movement educator since 2003, Samantha’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology (McGill University), numerous anatomy and fitness certifications, such as mind-body specialist (CanFitPro), and a graduate diploma in somatic education (UQAM).  As a dance, flexibility and physical conditioning instructor, she has worked extensively with national athletes (divers, gymnasts, fencers, etc.), artists in training (dancers, singers), children and the general population.  She currently teaches physical education and stress management at Lasalle College and continues to nourish her creative potential in her open classes.