October Promos

With any order of 125pv and more get a FREE Clementine and all month of June get 20% off on the Roman Chamomile.

With any order of 200pv and more you get a Bergamot oil (or Copaiba capsules if you do a US order) and a Copaiba and Yellow Mandarin oil.


This one is a new one for me but I love love the wild orange, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit in my water to hydrate and for cleaning etc…this one will be a fun addition to use!

Roman Chamomile:

This one is super calming in the diffuser or in a tea and great for skin and hair!

Special 200pv special deal:

Copaiba and Bergamot are some of my favorites plus Yellow Mandarin as a newbie!

Try the following diffuser blends:

There are some very interesting new oils and products that just came out! If you can make it to one of the events that will introduce them that would be great or click below to check them out:


For more information about essential oils or to get your own oils, click below or ask me any questions: