Onguard Hand Sanitizer and Roller Bottles

I am in production these days making Onguard Hand Sanitizer (great natural disinfectant and Onguard Roller Bottles (help with the fall/winter season to boost immunity)….

Once you have tried them out or if you want to make your own here are the recipes:

DoTerra Onguard Hand Sanitizer

  • 2 oz spray bottle
  • 10 drops of DoTerra Onguard
  • Fill the rest with water

*make sure to shake it up before you use it each time

Doterra Onguard Roller Bottle

  • 2 oz roller bottle
  • 10-15 drops of DoTerra Onguard (if you are using it for your babies or kids you would dilute it even more using just 5 drops)
  • Fill the rest up with fractionnated coconut oil or any carrier oil of choice

*use it to roll the bottoms of your babies or kids feet before bedtime during the fall/winter season

*you can do the same for adults or I find it more effective to gargle with the oil (diluted a bit in water) if I have a sore throat or to take it internally for the best results…but if you don’t want to take it internally then you can stick to the roller bottle.

Any questions? Let me know…happy to share my tips and recipes for family health using essential oils.  Interested in a lice prevention spray or sleepy time let me know 😉

If you are interested in getting a wholesale account for better prices, let me know I can show you how to do that!


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