Our Smoothie Challenge is back!

Join us for a September Smoothie Challenge with Rachel from Racines Traiteur Santé.

How does it work?  Sign up to get an email a few days before the week starts and receive the smoothie recipe in order to buy the ingredients and each week in September try out a new one. 

There is also an option to order a smoothie each week already and delivered to the studio each Monday.  A 1L smoothie will cost 10$.

Delivery dates:

  • September 5th
  • September 11th
  • September 18th
  • September 25th

The challenge will start on September 5th for 4 weeks.  The idea is to post your smoothie that you made and motivate others to do the same…

Email Jana to sign up for the challenge: jana@lestudiovie.com

Visit Rachel’s website to see more of what she does: https://www.racinestraiteursante.com/

Rachel will be making the food for our new retreat location at Ralia with Dietitian Pearle Nerenberg in November 2017.  Stay tuned for more info.