Prenatal Exercise Ball Class: Safe, Healthy and Beneficial For Mommy and Baby


Pregnant woman excercises with gymnastic ball

If you are like many pregnant women who are looking for a perfect and safe way to keep in shape, reduce the discomforts of pain during the cycles of pregnancy and labor while providing benefits to your own health and your baby your search ends here!!! If you have not already heard of prenatal ball class: here is a video that will help you have a better idea:

Prenatal ball classes use an exercise ball while conducting physical movements that help reduce many discomforts of pregnancy. For example: using a ball during an exercise session works on your oblique muscles in the abdominal section of your body making them stronger. Also, this exercise helps stretch the muscles that greatly reduce pain in the lower back area where pregnancy pain is targeted. Also certain positions like exercises conducted in a side lying position with a raised support leg on the ball, can increase blood circulation, while reducing the heaviness, tingling and fatigue in the legs caused by pregnancy.

Moreover, a prenatal ball class can help to reduce labor pain while delivering your child. The exercise ball helps: strengthen the pelvic floor, opens up the hips, and stretches the perineal region. These prenatal exercises allow birth to become an easier process for pregnant women. Also, this exercise may help the baby move through the pelvis and keep mom upright during labor. This is most important because it may help avoid medical intervention and improve the experience of labor and birth.

In addition, your baby will also benefit while conducting the prenatal ball session because he or she will receive increased circulation while blood flows through the placenta. Movements and sensations will vibrate to the womb that will cradle and relax your baby.

At Storks and company mothers can enjoy physical activity while conducting a Prenatal Ball class. Classes prepare your body for childbirth and allow for pain reduction during pregnancy and labor. The ball is a safe and easy way to remain active because the ball acts as a support while conducting rolls, and stretches to soften, tone and relax your body and muscles. Storks and company offers 5 classes that last 1 hour in which you can begin in your 12th week of pregnancy. Enjoy a free trial class coming up in October at Studio Vie! The fall session will begin in October, date to be confirmed soon.


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