Smoothie Challenge – Week 1

Hope you are all excited to start this years smoothie challenge!  Make sure to get all the ingredients ahead of time so that you are ready to go on Monday August 1st…try making the smoothie everyday or a couple of times a week depending on your schedule.  The idea with the challenge is to try out new recipes and creating a routine and healthy habit to make one for a snack, pre or post workout or even for dessert.

With any of the smoothies in our challenge if you want to have the smoothie as an after workout recovery drink I would add in some protein.  It can be simply hemp hearts, chia, flax and/or pumpkin seeds.  Otherwise if you have your favorite protein powder like hemp protein, Vega etc use it!  I really like pumpkin seed protein powder (not chalky, blends well and neutral taste).  Its simply pumpkin seeds ground up….

I was inspired by the Crazy Sexy Juice Cookbook by Kris Carr for this challenge…all of her recipes are really yummy.


Strawberry Fields


3 cups of water (it calls for 3 cups of hemp milk or any nondairy milk of choice, but I used water and then added in hemp seeds)

2 cups of fresh strawberries (you should still be able to find local ones and otherwise use frozen organic if possible)

1 Tbs lemon zest (organic if possible)

1 orange freshly squeezed (they call for an orange but I find that it tasted better without the pulp just the freshly squeezed juice)

1 small banana

1 1/2 cups of kale (since I have a ton growing in my garden or you can use spinach)

1.  Wash and prep all the ingredients

2.  Blend until smooth and serve

Enjoy 🙂


P.S Let me know what you think…post a pic on the Studio Vie Facebook page