Studio Vie Summer Challenge

Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and get some fresh air!

Challenge yourself to a new activity this summer or simply get out and move outside with a hike, walk, run, outdoor fitness or yoga class etc…Summer can be a busy time with kids so you can get your activity in as a family too!

Here are the details to the challenge:

For the months of July and August you would need to do an outdoor activity at least 1x/week and ideally you would try at least one new activity each month…Each week I would have you send me a picture of you doing your activity, sport etc and post it up on Instagram with the hashtag: #studioviesummerchallenge….this way I can see what you are doing each week for the next 2 months and as long as you post your pics and try 2 new activities you will be entered to win a prize each week!  If you are not on social media, then please send me a pic by email!  If you don’t like taking selfies of yourself find a way to send me something fun or different.  Make sure you follow my studio vie Instagram and tag 2 friends to join you for the challenge too….the more the merrier since even if you live in another country, you could still join the challenge and be motivated everyone’s pics that they will post under the #studioviesummerchallenge hashtag 🙂

I know it can be hard to get out on your own so you can do your activity with your kids as a family or get a workout buddy and get it in that way! 

Ideally during the challenge you would try and move each day even if on your busy days you only get out and walk with the kids for 15 min or play at the park with your kids that counts…

Here are some examples of some outdoor activities:

Hike, run, walk, canoe, kayak, biking, tennis, soccer, badminton, SUP, outdoor yoga, outdoor fitness etc.

**If you are interested, I am organizing a small group to go try out a SUP yoga class in August and this would count as a new activity if you havn’t tried it out yet!

***Prizes: Lole Yoga mats, Doterra essential oils, Terrashield bug spray, Purify roller bottle, mini band, spikey foot massage balls. 

****In order to be eligible to win your prize, you would need to be able to come pick it up at my studio which is located in the Montreal area! 

Hope you are game!