Summer Vacation Workout Tips

It’s hard to stick to a regular workout schedule during summer vacation time.  Why not keep it simple and be able to get in what you can so you don’t hurt too much when you get back from vacation?

Here are some simple ways to get in a workout while traveling or on vacation this summer with little or no equipment/accessories!

Summer is the time to try something new or do something different to change up the regular routine.

Here are some great outdoor activities to try and get in:

  • Hiking – great to explore some mountain or forest (walking or trail running)
  • Swimming – such a great workout and its so refreshing
  • Kayak or Canoe – go on an adventure on a lake
  • Paddleboard – Rent a Paddleboard or join a class.  It’s great for the core, stability and fun.  I will be trying out a Paddleboard Yoga class this summer on the Lachine Canal for those you want to join me..

Fun Tip: get friends and family involved and create a challenge to get more motivated.  For example have you ever swam across a lake or hiked up Mont-Tremblant?!

My favorite accessories to bring with me when I travel or go on vacation:

  • Skipping rope (for ex: intervals of 100-150 skips bet each mini band exercise)
  • Mini Band (if you have been to one of my classes you will know what the crab walk exercise with the mini band around your ankles well…and you can include a side lying raise and clamshell exercise).


*check out you tube or google and you will find many exercises and ways to use both!

Easy go to exercises that require just your bodyweight:

  • Push-ups
  • Tricep dips


  • squats

  • plank


  • side plank


  • mountain climbers

Voila!  You are set up for success with these tips and exercises.

My summer challenge for you:

Post a pic on Facebook or Instagram (or email) and tag Studio Vie…A pic of you doing an exercise or outdoor activity (can be hiking, paddleboard etc.) on vacation or in town!  Each time you post a pic you will be entered into a draw to win prizes!

Where to find mini bands and skipping ropes? Come by the studio since I have all the essential accessories…

Hope this challenge will inspire everyone to stay active and fit on your summer vacation and while I am away on vacation too 🙂