Tips for Pregnancy Ailments

The first trimester can be no fun. Some of us experience nausea, some extreme fatigue, food aversions, food cravings, and others vomiting. The body adjusting to being pregnant isn’t always an easy process.

What can you do??

The basic recommendations are ginger, ginger and ginger!! Ginger tea, ginger chews, crystalized ginger, ginger ale, etc. etc. Try to limit sugar though.

The B vitamins are also very helpful for nausea, especially vitamin B6. And there are combinations on the market with ginger and B6 mixed together.

What I find the most useful is eating a healthy balanced diet. Making sure to have enough protein is key!! Avoid sugars and caffeine, which throw off your blood sugar levels and leave you feeling more nauseous. It’s important to snack regularly. You will probably find you are eating more and more often. This is normal! So some ideas: have a smoothie in the morning with a protein powder, hard boiled eggs ready on the go, homemade granola with a high protein yogurt, trail mix, make your own power balls with nut/seeds butter and dried fruit, hummus and veggies/or whole grain crackers.

Also very key, is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Carry around a water bottle to remind yourself and to make sure you are getting about 1.5-2L a day.

Becoming a New Mom

I think the key word is ‘becoming’. It is definitely a process and can be very different for each new mom. After a short period of “nesting”, the father often returns to work and the mom may be left alone with the new baby. This can feel very isolating. It might even feel like this for a second- or third-time mom, when older kids are at school or daycare.

I think the important thing is to get out from the beginning. Get out of the house, go for walks, go to the local mama-baby cafe or Jana’s group exercise classes to meet other moms. It’s so important to be with people in the same situation, the same lack-of-sleep-fog, the same newness and steep learning curve that all moms go through. Sharing, exchanging, getting new ideas and just feeling understood really helps prevent any post-partum blues. Go with someone for the first few times, try maneuvering the stroller in different situations, try changing a diaper out of the house. Think about the things that make you feel nervous or uncomfortable and try them before you’re in a critical situation.

Planning to have resources set-up can also be really helpful. This might be easiest before giving birth, but can also be organized after. Write a list of phone numbers of possible support needed: InfoSanté, lactation consultants, etc. Make batches of food and put them in individual portions in the freezer. Prepare quick snacks or have granola bars or protein bars easily accessible. Get a good book to read while breastfeeding, and a water bottle to have close by. No matter what, you will learn as you go and get better and more comfortable every day.

Try to enjoy each moment, laugh, smile and love 🙂

Krista Mackay BSC ND