What Oils Saved Us On Our Summer Vacation!

I wanted to share with you the oils that came in quite handy on our trip to Prague this summer…

Flying standby means traveling light but I managed to take a few oils and roller bottles with me that ended up helping us out a lot!

Peppermint roller bottle:

  • Used this one for the plane especially for nausea….rolled on my daughter mostly: temples, behind ears and wrists just before the flight, at take-off and landing.
  • I ended up having some sinus congestion and roller it directly over my sinuses and nose and on my temples which worked so well for my headache.
  • It came in handy for kid and adult tummy aches: rolled directly over their bellies
  • Unfortunately on our 20 km hike most of us got some sort of a sunburn and the peppermint helped to cool down the burns

Peppermint essential oil:

  • I ended up bringing the bottle since I bought diffuser bracelets for my family to use esp. when traveling with a few lava rocks in which you add your drop or 2 of essential oil and you are ready to go!

Lavender roller bottle:

  • Used to help relax or for bedtime
  • It’s great on sunburns since Lavender helps to soothe
  • It was also great when by accident the kids touched stinging nettle up in the country and it was itchy and irritated.

Onguard roller bottle:

  • used on the bottoms of the kids feet and along their spines for an immunity booster and a couple of kids/adults had scratchy throats so they rolled over their necks with the roller bottle

Onguard Spray:

  • I ended up buying an already made onguard spray bottle from Doterra and it came in handy to disinfect airplane surfaces etc
  • Spray adults and kids hands (hand sanitizer) when we couldn’t wash them (on our 20 km hike!)

Terrashield Spray:

  • This is the famous bug spray that I love and it works so well.  We used it in the country to get the mosquitos and ticks away! (you can always add lemongrass, cedarwood and/or geranium to make it more potent…)

Voila!  Not bad for only have taken a few oils.  Next time I would bring the bottle of Onguard essential oil to add to my water to take internally since I find it works much quicker and better for an me…but the roller bottle worked very well too…Oh, and I would of liked to have the lemon or wild orange to add to my water….next time!!

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