Winter Family Saviours!

I wanted to give you my tips and tricks for winter congestion and coughing for the whole family!  

Tried to put together a simple list of what has been working for me and my family this winter:

Easy Air (Breathe in the US): This is a great oil for congestion and opening up airways!

-Doterra Easy Air Essential Oil Roller Bottle: 10-15 drops in a roller bottle and then fill the rest up with liquid coconut oil and for babies/kids you would need to dilute (1 drop per year: 1 drop for baby, 2 for a 2 year old etc).

**Roll this over you or your child’s chest for chest congestion and coughs and/or roll on sinuses for adults and for kids on bottoms of their feet so they don’t get it in their eyes!

**you can diffuse this in your diffuser to open up airways

-Doterra Correct-x: This is amazing for cuts/scrapes but especially for those poor noses that you are blowing often due to colds and congestion.  

**Apply at the bottom of your nose or any area that is red and raw from blowing your nose so often!

-Hydra Sense/Neti Pot: Since those sinuses with salt water…hydra sense is easy for babies, kids and adults and if you want to try out the ultimate rince: try the neti pot!

-Doterra Onguard: This oil is used so much over the winter months…it’s the ultimate germ killer and immune boosting oil.

  **Apply a diluted roller bottle to the bottoms of your babies or kids feet 2x/day as prevention and if your little one is sick, apply more regularly (every 2 hours)

**For adults, put 2 drops in a little shot glass of water (you can add 1 drop of lemon): gargle and then swallow (those of you who find that too much can put your drops in an empty veggie capsule and then take that down) or you can make a roller bottle and roll that onto your neck or feet to absorb it.

**Diffuse the on guard in the diffuser

  **Make a hand sanitizer: 5-10 drops of on guard in a spray bottle, 1 tsp of liquid coconut oil and fill the rest up with water (keep this in your purse or in your kids backpacks).  I bought the Doterra Onguard Mist for my kids and traveling purposes since I didn’t want to use a glass bottle in case it broke…and when it’s empty, I just re-fill it myself!

Eucalyptus: Great for colds 


  **Add to your Epsom salts and take a hot bath (create your own spa at home!)

Immune Boosting and germ fighting tea: In warm water add: 1 drop of onguard, 1 drop of lemon, 1 drop of ginger (or add fresh ginger) and a tsp of honey….   For more information about essential oils or to get your own oils, click below or ask me any questions: